Matt Simpson

important issues



Our number one priority should be to make necessary investments to our roads and bridges to keep our citizens safe and our economy growing. When our children ride the bus to school, we want to know that the roads and the bridges they travel on are up to quality. We need to do everything possible to make sure that the I-10 bridge is a top priority for our state.

Public Safety

public safety

We must keep our citizens safe. We can not continue the revolving door prison system allowing violent, repeat offenders early release. We have to move to truth in sentencing where criminals are required to serve the sentences imposed by the court, rather than being out on the streets to continuously harm the people of this state.

Mental Healthcare

mental health

Over the years we have drastically cut the funding to our state’s Mental Health System. Working as a prosecutor I have seen first-hand how many who would have previously been helped through access to mental health treatment have instead fallen into the spiral of self-medication (i.e. the opioid epidemic) leading so often to destroyed families and an overloaded our criminal justice system. Without adequately funding our mental health system those citizens have not been able to get the help and treatment that they desperately need.

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